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DCI offers a wide range of colors and grades of automotive window film. From our economical All-Performance, the high quality Professional tings, to the Premium metallized films made with the latest sputtering techniques. These films will keep your customers cool, comfortable and in style.


Window film may be increasing the attractiveness of your home, even raise the property value. Your home may stand out from all the rest in the neighborhood with a sleek, modern look.


Window film installations, whether for a car, small home or even a large business requires special tools for best results. Our large selection of tools and accessories can give you that extra edge to achieve clean, professional results every time.


Safety window film may reduce your vulnerability to intruders, vandals and accidents.

DCI Window Film

We specialize ...and window film accessories

DCI Window Film is the fastest growing company in its field. We Specialize in the exporting of high quality window films and window accessories. Our Product line include all-performance films for solar control, security and privacy, energy efficiency, and decorative uses.

We offer economy, prof essional, safety and metallized films for automotive, building, and other applications as well as all the tools needed for professional installations; from a small family-owned car tinting business to a large building contractor requiring multiple specialized tools and equipments.


Our staff and management have over ten years of experience working in the dynamic window film industry and provide our customers with great service, personal attention, and expertise in the field. Our clients look to us for the kind of outstanding business relationship that will help their companies grow and thrive.

DCI Window Film is located in Miami, gateway to Latin America precisely because it is the nexus through which manufacturers from all over the world can reach the growing market most effectively. We have over a decade of experience working with export operations and have extensive knowledge working with shipping and air freights to Central and South America.

We arrange all necessary matters for our clients providing proficient handling of all customs documentation,bank guarantees,and lines of credit. Our experience and specialized knowledge of the commercial culture of Latin America and the United States gives us and our customers an edge in the field.


DCI Window Films deals directly with the best known film manufacturers in the United States of America and worldwide.. They help us to provide our customers with an ideal combination of high quality and low prices for the Latin America market.

Feel free to contact at us for a sales brochure or catalog and any questions you have about the products and services we provide. We look forward to help you to succeed in your endeavors.