window films in florida


From economy to the best
DCI Offers a wide range of colors and grades of automotive window film.The high quality professional coatings and holds glass, to the premium metallized films made with latest sputtering techniques. These films will keep your customers cool, comfortable, and in style.
  • Automotive-All-Performance
  • Automotive-Professional Performance
  • Premium Automotive-High Performance Metallized Film
  • Premium Automotive-High Performance Deluxe Metallized Film

Window Films Make Good Business Sense
A Contemporary Look
Window film adds a contemporary touch to the outside and inside of any commercial building. We can easily match the right color and shade to your specific building design for best effects.
Comfort and Efficiency
Aside from improved appearance, DCI film helps keep energy bills down all year long by keeping out the heat of the sun in the summertime and insulating the glass in the wintertime.

A new look for your Residents.
A Modern Style
Window film can by increasing the attractiveness of your home, even raise the property value. Your home can stand out from all the rest in the neighborhood with a sleek, modern look.
Subtle Shading
Whether it's the bright sun reflecting off the water or a coat of snow shining into your house, you can cut down the glace into your home , by installing window film.

Clear Safety & Security!
These films are available in either clear coatings that still block almost all harmful UV radiation and keep out much of the sun's energy or tinted coatings which provide security along the comfort style.
Safety film installation is just as easy as regular film and they form an invisible layer of protection that holds glass fragments together when it break. Different ratings are available for the different protection that is needed.These films will keep your family and your company safe ad secure.

Custom make your own film design!
DCI Window Film has a wide variety of multi-use colors and shades for indoor office,commercial,or private use. Our Complete Coverage BK film is the ultimate in privacy with 100% blockage of visible light.
Provide your customers with the total anonymity that they need.The decorative films known as frosted films are built in different patterns, horizontal and vertical lines,blocks and more provide a good amount of privacy while still allowing for ample light transmission.

The Professional Touch!
Window film installations, whether for a car, small home or even a large business requires special tools for best results. Our large selection of tools and accessories can give you that extra edge to achieve clean, professional results every time.
  • Squeegees and edge trimmers
  • Knives and blade refills
  • Cleanup and removal sprayers
  • Light measuring devices
  • Many more tools and accessories are available!